Ziesel am Gletscher

Ziesel Adventures

The tour and park experience. Internationally.

Adventure’s calling

No matter whether you want to feel the power of electric motors and drive sporty or prefer to move quietly through nature – it is an adventure to drive a Ziesel.

There is one unmistakable effect – we call it the “Ziesel-Smile”. Whoever sees the Ziesel wants to drive it. And whoever drove it can’t stop smiling.

Share the Joy

It *is* catching, this Ziesel smile. And we would like to share it with even more people. Therefore we are creating an international Ziesel Adventures partner network. You can read more about it via our other website » ziesel-adventures.com.

The power of silence

Our partners offer Ziesel tours along points of interest and sites of natural beauty, plan nice stops to have a drink or a bite to eat – that is the way to enjoy emobility, and to enjoy life.

Sustainable mobility – with modern technology.

Some partners offer special Ziesel tracks where you can test your driving capabilities and experience the power of the electric drive. You will come to like it – emobility is no crazy visionary idea, it is a legitimate way to move.

Ziesel Adventures network

Ziesel Adventures are individual as well as diverse. We support our partners by sharing our experience, and we offer a strong brand. If you are interested in joining our network, please contact us.