Mattro Bock (driving up a gravel hill)

Mattro Bock

Our versatile carrier platform.

The perfect basis for your application

The Bock is our sophisticated platform for diverse applications. Main focus is the autonomous use.

The navigable chassis with its powerful electric drive and rubber track belts is the ideal basis for individual vehicle concepts. Various mounting parts and areas enable customised superstructures.

The redundant control electronics ensure the necessary safety level.

The compact design with its low centre of gravity and wide support area makes the Bock most perfect for offroad applications.

Technical Profile

  • 2 PMS disc motors
  • 2x 4,4kW rated performance
  • 18kW peak performance
  • 500Nm torque
  • 30km/h high speed
  • 8,8kWh lithium ion battery
  • BMS – battery management system with self-governing heating system
  • Basic dimensions 119x123x53cm (LxWxH)
  • Optional 12V/96V voltage outputs
  • Optional with Heavy Duty Kit (offroad rubber track belts, 1000Nm torque)

At the moment there are different development projects running. If you are interested and need further information, please contact us!

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