Aebi EC130

Aebi EC130 (Front)

Aebi EC130 – for difficult terrains.

This tool carrier was developed based on the Mattro Bock, together with our Swiss innovation and sales partner » Aebi Schmidt Holding AG.

The typical work area for this fully electric, remotely controlled tool carrier are difficult accessible, steep terrains where workers are endangered and have to keep a safety distance.

Drive and control

The EC130 is is driven by two strong electric disc motors, powered by an efficient lithium-ion-battery. Therefore a peak performance of 18kW becomes possible – without any exhaust emissions.

The device is controlled remotely. Different driving and performance levels enable efficient working.


A low centre of gravity, impressive cross-country mobility and very low ground pressure are the main characteristics of this working machine. Therefore it is most qualified for steep terrains and sensitive soils. Because of its compact design and the suspended rubber track belt drive, the EC130 is very agile and fit to carry many different tools.

No matter whether you want to use it for landscaping, with a mulcher or cutter bars, leaf blower or sweeping brush, or in winter as snowplough or snow blow – the EC130 is there for you.

Technical Profile

  • 2 x 7,5kW rated performance
  • 18kW peak performance
  • 8,8kWh battery performance
  • 1000Nm torque
  • 20km/h high speed
  • Basic dimensions 116x128x53cm (LxWxH)
  • 355kg unladen weight (with battery, without tools)
  • Towing capacity: 300kg unbraked, 500kg braked

The Aebi EC130 comes with a standard battery charger 3kW/230V. We offer a fast battery charger 5kW/400V as an option.

If you need to know more, we are looking forward to talking to you!