Driven by EcoLogic

Driven by EcoLogic

Our work is bound to sustainability, quality and enthusiasm.

Mattro Brand


It is important to us that our products are not only sensible for now, but also for the future. That is why we respect economic, ecologic and human values.


MATTRO quality is visible and lasting, simple and noble at the same time. We count on design from the beginning – as a combination of technical possibility, application purpose and pleasing style.


Our products are purposive – and fun. And that starts with us, with every single MATTRO team member. We define our work culture by a set of values which we specified for ourselves by ourselves. MATTRO customers can feel that.


Mattro-Founder Alois Bauer

Alois Bauer (c) Schumbeta „Passion, meaningfulness and team spirit – our products are the consequential result.“